Thursday, September 27, 2012

hung and hidden.

Here is our television.

Here is our awkwardly placed outlet.

Here is our properly hung television with our outlet happily hidden.

Friday, September 21, 2012

mail box.

For too long, our mail carrier had to drop our letters in this thing:

 After it was removed from its crooked pole during the remodel,
we put it on the front porch and there it stayed.

Months later, I gathered these items ...
and made this:

I hope it makes our mail carrier smile.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Some things are high on my priority list.
Finding a filler for my vase wasn't one of them.
Hence, the paper towel space saver.

Micheal's had this bag of jumbo potpourri on the clearance shelf.
It was marked at $8.90.

Awesomely, it was marked incorrectly.
It only cost $0.89.


kitchen faucet.

This used to be our kitchen faucet.
It leaked in 4 different places.

It took Eric's muscle, my contortionism, and a crowbar to remove it.
It's not our kitchen faucet any more!
I am really happy with our new vintage faucet.

tv console.

This kitchen cabinet was attached to the ceiling before we remodeled.

I turned it upside down, painted it, added knobs and chubby legs.
Now it houses our DVD player.

ode to eve.

Eve, a college friend, frames interesting fabrics in her home.

I bought this material in Ghana.
Remembering Eve's home designs helped me know what to do with it.


Have you ever felt dirtier after your shower is over?
Thanks to some new caulking,
I don't feel that way any more!

new skills.

The light fixture was from 1959.
The medicine cabinet was rotting from the inside out.
The walls needed alittle color.

 The faucets could use some work.

I learned to fix each issue.

annie sloan experiment.

 Oak cabinets needed updating.
I decided to see what Annie Sloan could do.
She didn't let me down.