Sunday, September 1, 2013

front & back.

I bought this fabric from a local thrift shop.
It's the high quality $40/yd upholstery fabric you'd find at Joann's.
Mine cost $4.

In addition to the great price,
I recognized that both the front and back color scheme 
worked in with rooms I had.

I used the front of the fabric to reupholster this stubby stool.

I got it for $1 at a yard sale.

While disassembling it, 
I tried my best to save the decorative tacks,
but many of them were too old, worn, and rusted to keep.
The rest I put in a box to work some magic with later.

Here's how it turned out!

It works perfectly with the colors in the 
living room, dining room, and kitchen.
I left the legs as they were because I like the layers of chipping paint:
brown to black to white to wood.
I also like the contrast of the new fabric with old paint.

I used the back of the fabric on this next interesting project.
Remember the stencils I made for the guest room floor?
Well, I saved the inner portion of one of them.
I started out by gluing fluff onto the stencil.

Then, I put wrong sides together.
(I had just enough fabric)

 And, I basically upholstered the stuffed stencil.
I couldn't use a staple gun on this, so I hot glued every little section.

There were several fraying portions that needed attention,
so I brushed over all of them with Mod Podge 
and that seemed to seal them. 

Here's the finished product.

These are some of the items I've gathered for our Master Bedroom:
pillow from a thrift store - $1
lamp shade from a discount store - $6
turtle shell on major clearance from Target - $12
vase from a friend - $0
first aid cabinet from a yard sale - $1
It'll be a while until this room really gets worked on, 
but it's a start.

As you can see, the back of the fabric incorporates all the colors.
I'm not exactly sure how I'll use the upholstered stencil,
(wall hanging, part of a headboard detail, I dunno)
but it'll be a cool addition to the room wherever it ends up.