Friday, October 5, 2012

table tribute.

6 children
12 feet
120 toes

bare feet
basketball shoes
church shoes
flip flops
Rough edges rubbed smooth.

custom birthday cakes
Sunday afternoon waffles
rummy q
morning scripture study
$3 day stew
procrastinated school projects
thanksgiving feasts
polish rattle
family home evenings
grandma's china
smooshed blackberries in cheerios
Homemade everything.

"I get the middle chair!  Bomb, bomb no erasies!"
"Mommy ... I love you.  Can I be done eating?"
"I don't want to straddle the bar!"
"What did you learn in your Sunday School class?"
"This is the wall ... don't touch me."
Over 30 years surrounded by our family.


Remember this mirror?

I kept just the frame and paired it with these fun items.
(my sis-in-law gave me these owls last Christmas for our tree, 
but I thought they were better suited for Halloween Time)

Now I have a Halloween Decoration!