Tuesday, November 13, 2012

stenciled floor.

Our Guest Room carpet was thrashed:
stains from hair dye,
worn parts in high traffic areas,
and some mysterious melted spots...
I know it doesn't look that bad in the picture,
but I was not a happy camper.

I have envisioned something like this for a while now.
I think it's beautiful, and I wanted to recreate it.

So, while Eric was on a business trip, 
I ripped up the carpet, pulled out the tack strips, 
scrubbed glue, and patched many holes and seams.
I was afraid I was in over my head when after 2 days of hard work
 it still looked this bad:

But, I carried on.

I tried to purchase the stencils in the picture above,
except they were no where to be found ...
so, I made my own.

I painted the base coat, stenciled the designs, 
applied the poly floor finish, and 

I'm in love.

There are a ton of imperfections 
due to the crappy sub-floor and homemade stencils,
so instead of hiding the mistakes, I highlighted them.

It's better than I even imagined.


  1. The best part about this fabulously executed project is that you did it all by yourself! I am in awe. What an independent woman.

  2. Nan, I haven't been on your blog in ages, and I'm about to die I love your guestroom floor so much! I am truly impressed. And also thinking I might need to visit you . . .

    1. YES! Come to stay and break-in this room!