Wednesday, August 21, 2013

sun dress.

I had this little sun dress sitting in a box of keepsakes.
I wore it when I was a little girl.
My awesome mom made it.

Evidence of toddler play remained in a few spots,
so I gently hand washed it.

I thought I remembered a picture of me wearing it,  
so to my trusty Baby Book I went.

I found one!
In order to display this duo as I wanted,
I sprayed this old, cheap-o frame white.

I didn't have any white spray paint on hand, 
but I did have spray primer.  
That's how it remains.
Is that bad?

Anyway, apparently I wore the dress on my 3rd birthday!
My awesome mom also made that great Cookie Monster cake.

I also spray painted spray primed two clothes pins,
nailed them to the wall, 
and pinched the dress loops into them.

I guess the office wasn't totally complete after all.


  1. That is so awesome! I hope my kids have something similar when they grow up. I made each of their blessing dresses, so I hope they can put it up with their pictures next to it and display them. So great!

    1. Thanks Teressa! I'm sure your kids will treasure those ... though it might take until they're 31 to realize how cool their mom was for doing it.