Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This mirror was pried off our hall bathroom wall a year ago.

Since then, it has been the full length mirror  
in the alcove outside of our bedroom.

It was time to give it more substance. 
I bought some 70% off scrap wood from Home Depot
and had them cut it to the approximate sizes I wanted.

I laid the boards out to get more exact measurements.

After trimming the ends down, 
I glued them together.

I never really know what I'm doing, 
so I use construction adhesive and nails to slap stuff together.
I was afraid all my hammering would crack the mirror,
so turned it upside down and glued anywhere and everywhere.

After letting the adhesive set overnight,
I had this:

My seams weren't perfect, 
but that's what you get with clearance wood 
and a craftswoman that doesn't know what she's doing.

I'm ok with the rough look though,
so I just sanded, painted (with watered-down grey paint),
clear coated, and called it good.

The mirror now looks like I paid $400 for it,
instead of the $10 it actually cost.